6 black women dressed in white and tan clothing standing in front of a flower mural

You're tired of feeling powerless in the workplace. You're tired of feeling rageful, bitter, helpless, despair, and insecure in a place where you spend so much of your time.

Here's the good news.

It doesn't have to be this way!

You want to to do your work without looking over your shoulder.
You want to occupy spaces (and not just at work) as your whole authentic self. Like, is it necessary to code-switch THAT much?!?
You want to be given opportunities to get ahead.
You want to feel secure in your work life.
To feel strong.
To feel accepted and welcomed.

But these desires have been hard to fulfill because of something you already get, but don't fully understand.
And that's white supremacy culture.

You get it.

We live in a white supremacist patriarchy. Lots and lots of Western industrialized nations operate under this paradigm.

During this master class, you're going to develop a deep understanding of the white supremacy part of the patriarchy aka white supremacy culture.
And not only are you going to understand it, you're going to learn and implement ample tools, practical strategies, and mindset shifts to heal from and dismantle it from your mind, body, spirit, relationships, and your work life.
You're going to learn powerful new ways to see yourself in connection to your workplace, colleagues, and bosses.
And when you see yourself in these new ways, you'll stop fearing retaliation for speaking up, calling folks out, and setting boundaries.

When you understand how something operates, it ceases to have such a hold over you.

You're going to understand how white supremacy culture operates.

White supremacy is about much much more than extreme hate groups.

White supremacy is a CULTURE
 that affects how we treat ourselves, each other, and the planet.

White supremacy culture is embedded in racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc.

During this master class we look at several features of white supremacy culture. We cover each feature in depth with definitions, real-life examples, plus solutions to live more powerfully with greater ease, peace, freedom, and joy.

Origin of the Master Class

In January 2023, I facilitated a 3-part training in my meetup group for black women.
That training was called Black Women Kick White Supremacy's Ass.
Originally it was going to be just one 2-hr class.
But I didn't cover everything I wanted to in that class so I extended the training over 3 weeks.
I originally had zero intention of offering the master class outside of that training, but my intuition told me to record the series.
The information was so valuable that I decided to upload the replays (totaling 6 hours) onto Teachable so that YOU could benefit from this information well after the live classes.
So now you get to go through this training as if you were with us live.
This class will take you many steps closer to experiencing internal freedom so that no matter what's happening outside of you, you can begin to feel SOLID that white-supremacist patriarchy ain't got nuttin' on you.

Although this master class training was originally facilitated for Black women, anyone who resonates with this message and wants to experience greater freedom is encouraged to purchase this course and get free(r).

What makes this master class unique is that it incorporates mindset, somatic techniques, and life coaching principles so we're taking care of your nervous system and belief systems AS you learn to apply the knowledge you'll be attaining.

By the end of KICK WHITE SUPREMACY'S ASS, you will:

-Understand 15 features of white supremacy culture and be able to identify when you're experiencing them.

-Identify how you unknowingly practice these characteristics in your day to day life and how they contribute to the unease you experience at work, in your social life, and in your relationship to yourself.

-Learn the mindset and tools behind healing and dismantling white supremacy culture first and foremost inside your mind and body and then in other areas of your life, like at work.

Let's go!

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About Your Instructor -

P. Valerie Dauphin

My name's Valerie and I'm a Los Angeles-based life, work, and mindset coach for black and brown womxn HUNGRY for developing loving relationships with themselves while kicking white-supremacist patriarchy's ass while creating a life that feels damn good!

I also wrote a book called Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence: Using Your Body to Rock Your Life.

From 2010-2022 I had a career as a dance teaching artist/educator and choreographer teaching youth grades K-12 in and outside of schools.

In 2018, my arts education mentor Kimberleigh invited me to become a member of the California Arts Education Leadership Cohort Emerging Leaders of Color Program. Part of our mission was creating equitable access to arts education for all California youth.

It was during this time that I first learned about white supremacy culture and the ways it shows up in education and the workplace.

I implemented my learnings into my dance educator/teaching artist work within schools. And that eventually led to my becoming the DEI Lead Teacher and Strategic Planning TaskForce Member, in addition to being a Dance Teacher and Company K!ds Director, at Gabriella Charter Schools in L.A.

I passionately worked with other members of the DEI committee to create and facilitate organization-wide race and equity professional development programming.

This eventually led to my working several short-term equity-focused projects with the L.A. Arts Ed Collective and Los Angeles County Arts and Culture.

In my dynamic professional career, I've also had full-time office positions as an employee in corporate and higher ed so I have that 9 to 5 experience that my clients appreciate.

My experiences and expertise in corporate, DEI, and education inform my coaching practice, which allows me to provide this Kick White Supremacy's Ass master class to you.